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Membership for Law Enforcement Officers and Their Families

We are a full-service financial institution specializing in products and services tailored for Law Enforcement. Our competitive interest rates are hard to beat and we are here to help you achieve your financial goals.

Our Membership Eligibility Tool can help you understand who is eligible to become a member of National Police Credit Union.

Membership for Fraternal Order of Police Officers and Their Families

Any active member or employee of National Fraternal Order of Police is eligible to join National Police Credit Union!

A Lifetime of Benefits!

Once your accounts are opened, you and your family may remain active members for life, no matter where you later live or work. Even if you leave the group that qualified you for membership, you’ll be entitled to the same membership benefits as other members.


Any active member or employee if any Fraternal Order of Police Lodge in the United States is eligible to join National Police Credit Union! Certain police departments and police organizations are also eligible, with more being added every week.

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